Preparing for a combination trip of a river cruise and solo extension

Do you take daily pills? How much should I pack? Can you really get by with mix and match outfits? Is it worth packing jewelry? These important questions may seem insignificant, but they are not.

Pills – a real problem if you do not plan and do this with care. Make certain all prescriptions and daily vitamins are renewed and purchased well before the trip. If it is a long trip, call your insurance company and pharmacy to make arrangements for scripts that may not be up for renewal yet  you need them to cover the length of time away.

Pack the pills in those daily, weekly or biweekly containers based on what you take and when. Do you need a night and day container for example. Take them on board the plane…never check them. Put a piece of tape, that you can easily peel or cut,, on containers to avoid a spilling disaster. Check your time change and prepare to take evening pills or next day pills on the plane if it is a long trip. Keep on your schedule!

Packing – always a source of arguments but trust me, I am the worlds best packer. My husband and I go for 10 days to Europe with only a carry one bag each. It is true and we never have a lack of clothes. We have everything with us while flying as well to get through airports quickly. This current trip is a combination of seeing Provence on our own before boarding a seven day Viking river cruise. If I make a packing mistake, there will be laundry that can be done.

We each for about 5 pair of pants, 8-10 shirts, sandals and walking shoes and a nice pair of shoes for evening in neutral color like black that goes with everything we have. We roll our clothes tightly and even put dry cleaner wrap around some. Rarely does this method fail us but just in case, we pack a 3oz bottle of Downy wrinkle releaser. The most under utilized friend of a traveler for freshening clothes and releasing wrinkles. I pack one nice dress that is light weight, underwear of course, swimsuit and light night gowns.

I wear one pair of the pair of shoes. My husband wears a sport coat over his shirt for nicer evening meals. When you wear the sport coat, there is no need to be packed.

Pack lots of neutral colors. I do a lot of black, beige and white to switch up outfits.

Now…jewelry. Yes! That makes all the difference for these rearranged outfits. Two or three necklaces, a few rings and many earrings in various sizes. None will be too big and will not take up much space. The changing of jewelry is the easiest way to look like you packed much more than you did. You can look like a wealthy world traveler carting trunks of clothes but you certainly did not.

I promise next trip to film my packing and post it.

Grab your chargers, your passports your money and or credit cards and have a ball. I know I will.

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