Hidden Pond Resort; Kennebunkport, Maine


From the moment I turn off Route 1 at the Kennebunkport sign in the great state of Maine, my body relaxes.  It is a zen-like moment for me each and every time the voyage is made.  I am happy to report that on this particular trip that suspended feeling of calm and happiness continued until I turned back onto Route 1 to head home.


The Bungalows at Hidden Pond

Securing a bungalow at Hidden Pond Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine is truly the ultimate Kennebunkport experience.  Our bungalow for this trip was aptly named “Charmed”.  From the first glance from the private drive and parking area, we knew we were in for something very special.  Entering onto the screened and private porch reinforced it, stepping into the large and beautifully-appointed bungalow confirmed it.

The space had a large and comfortable king bed with outrageous pillows.  This is one place where you truly don’t want to leave your room, not even to venture to the nearby beach.  A large fireplace anchors the bungalow with a living room area.  A mud room-type area connects the beautiful bathroom with the outside shower (there is one inside as well).  I don’t know about you, but I love outside showers; they provide the privacy you need while allowing you to take a hot shower with steam radiating from your body.  It is invigorating and freeing.

Each morning a basket of breakfast is left quietly outside your door.  Ours included a baked good, fruit, yogurt and cheese and much to my husband’s delight, The New York Times.

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Tree Spa

Truly nestled in tree tops above a large swimming pool, this spa delivers on the intention to make you relax and provide you with expertly delivered services. The products that they use and I grew to love are called Farmaesthetics.  They are all natural and organic and the scents that permeate the property reflect that healthy use of ingredients.  I had a Bamboo Infused Pure Bliss Facial, which stimulates your facial skin tissue with an ancient Asian method utilizing bamboo sticks.  The treatment is a unique one, like the spa itself and I totally enjoyed it.


Earth Restaurant

What most call “farm to table” Chef Ken Oringer calls “farm to fork”. Like many resorts and top properties, this restaurant is a collaborative effort, featuring Chef Oringer, who is the famed Boston restaurateur and James Beard award-winning chef.

We not only had a marvelous meal at Earth, but we had an opportunity to take a cooking class with Chef Oringer.  One of the dishes we made was Paella, which also happens to be a menu staple worth experiencing.

As you would expect, the wine selection was wide-ranging and impressive. The large and comfortable bar in the restaurant also serves up some creative and well-executed cocktails.



In the evening, head over to the office, a short but invigorating walk from the restaurant, to enjoy an evening night cap around a bonfire where you can roast marshmallows and make smores. Here, you’ll also enjoy fun and lively conversation. Please know that this is not a trendy little gas fireplace, but a tried and true BONFIRE, and it’s great fun.

There is a farm where Elizabeth, the Hidden Pond gardener encourages participation.  There are always gloves, clippers and baskets waiting for you in the shed.

There are two pools, one for families and another for serenity, morning fitness classes, guided fitness tours, bicycles, a completely outfitted gym and a resident artist that sets this property apart from most I have visited.

Do yourself and your family a favor this summer and visit Hidden Pond Resort. I can’t say it’s inexpensive, but you will have the time of your life and you can’t put a price on those kinds of memories.

Hidden Pond Resort is located at 354 Goose Rocks Road Kennebunkport, ME. For more information visit www.hiddenpondmaine.com.

– The Grateful Traveler